The Truth Whether or Not Donald T.Rump Gets Elected. Any why.

The actual fact is that nobody knows yet.

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Not to belabor the obvious, but pretty much half the people who have ideas about who’s gonna be elected are going to be disappointed. In a big way.

Donald T.Rump is an expert on divisive, either/or, “you’re with us or your against us” kind-a logic. Believe it’s part good strategy and part his fill-in-the-blank personality. Who get’s elected comes down to one thing, basically.

Have ya ever noticed how many of the self-help articles on Medium come down to saying basically the same thing? “Show up”. The authors come up with very unique ways of phrasing their tips. But if you took any handful-a them and actually put ‘em into practice it would do ya a world of good. Or at least, it would do me a world of good if I did.

It comes down to “showing up”. Not sitting back ruminating on your navel. Not reading articles on Medium. Not playing around with FITGYM. (No. FITGYM sounds like something that would be healthy but it’s the exact opposite. Facebook/Instragram/Twitter/Google/YouTube/and all the daggone Messages and eMail going back and forth.)

It comes down to showing up. Doing.

A lot of people think, “Why is there even a question about who’s gonna be elected. There’s only one candidate who is even worth getting elected!” The electorate is so polarized that the overwhelming, vast majority of people think this way.

Now, I’m not a great reader here, so I don’t know fer certain what the demographics of the Medium market are. But I suspect that most wonder how Donald T.Rump could be elected. I gained some insight into this by reading Tyranny of Merit by Michael J. Sandel, the great political philosopher. I don’t necessarily believe everything he has to say but he gives, what seems to me, a good argument for how T.Rump got elected in 2016.

And it basically comes down to the globalization put in place by both political parties in the past four decades, and how business and government is now run by an elite class of college graduates. You see, two outta three people in the good ole U.S. of A. don’t have a four-year degree.

And it’s not just a case-a people being winnowed outta their jobs. It’s a case of people not being able to find dignified work in order to contribute to the common good. And not just because there are less jobs, but because the labor that the working class puts in is no longer considered dignified by the elite.

So you have another case of the have’s and the have-not’s in several respects. And one of them is respect. It’s not only a case of the elite looking down on the working class, but the working class being taught to look down on themselves. They believe, themselves, in the garbage that there’s something wrong with them since they haven’t achieved the so-called success of the upper economic quintile.

Granted I’m a member of the upper quintile, but at least I know how lucky I’ve been.

Now do the elites look down on the working class and their labor, or do the working class just think that’s the case? Well, the elite from both political suffer from introspection fallacy, just like most-a the rest of us. That’s just the nature of human consciousness.

Now what’s the explanation of how a billionaire gets the majority of the votes of the bottom half of the economic ladder. I think there are a number of reasons, based on T.Rump’s fill-in-the-blank personality.

I think if you look at the actions of “The Donald” over the past, you’ll find an overwhelming need for self-respect. And that’s because, IMnsHO (In My not so Humble Opinion) there isn’t a good case for him getting any respect. This could be a bunch-a hog wash, but I think if you get right down to the bottom of it, a lot of the politics of today comes down to self-respect. And T.Rump appeals to people who don’t have a lot of self-respect because he demands self-respect for himself and for the country. So-called respect.

And no one can deny that Donald T.Rump is a great performer. Imagine a billionaire being able to perform the role of-a “man of the people”. Sheesh.

And, no question, T.Rump has a lotta energy.

Especially compared to Go-for-Joe Biden.

So the people on the right are going to vote in numbers. Some-a T.Rump’s dangerous, vicious pitbulls may show up at the polls to intimidate Biden voters. Probably so.

And you can pretty much count on the Supreme Court handing the Presidency to Donald T.Rump if the vote is even close.

So the election will come down to who “shows up”. If anybody is thinking on going out to the mailbox and putting a ballot in then they should, rather, get off their behinds and get to the polling place. And if the election goes against “the people” (and here I count most of the people in both parties).. Well, the people of the left will be inflamed. And not all of them would have voted.

So there ya have it, people. There won’t be much in it about who’s “right” and who’s “wrong”. It’s just a case of who shows up.



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