Thank You Mx. Ireland, for making this point. I hope it holds. But I apologize in advance for raising a few questions. But first, I'm no expert in AI and all that stuff.

The basic idea that machines are restricted to 0 and 1 isn't quite correct. For one thing, my understanding is that quantum computers aren't restricted that way. ICBW (I Could Be Wrong). But even more, if You have two of these binary digits next to each other, You have a four-way possibility. Yes, no, maybe, and none-of-the-above. That's how AI is able to do the wonders it can. / Currently / computers can't emulate emotions. But they do a pretty good job of emulating / thinking / right now. They're in the process of making AI programs that / teach themselves / to the point that humans can't comprehend how the daggone things are actually working. That's going on as we speak.

But the main problem I have with the article is that it doesn't look far enough ahead. They'll be putting electrical connections into the brain. They've been doing it in a crude way since 1997. They're working on things that may lead to healing diabetes and heart conditions by stimulating the vagus nerve. I dunno as much about that as I should, perhaps. Even more, Elon Musk is planning on inserting an implant that will connect up to an AI machine. The potential for creating / a new species of mankind / is not that far off in the future, and scares the bejeezus outta me.

I agree with You more than I've let on here in this reply. Just those couple things. And can't agree more with the statement I quoted. Thank You again.

Glad You stopped by. I'm nobody. Not here to make money nor lookin’ for the attention. Or not mainly. Old geezer tryin’ to learn new tricks. Doin’ best I can.

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