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Glad You stopped by. I'm nobody. Not here to make money nor lookin’ for the attention. Or not mainly. Old geezer tryin’ to learn new tricks. Doin’ best I can.

I'm not 100% sure what Mr. Spot is saying.

On another point, I'll see if anybody is reading anything i write, because I'll say the same of the U.S.

SURE, there are a larger percentage of white supremacists and more covert racism here. At least, that's what I took from something Sir Penguin said about UK being different.

But there are also a LOT bigger percentage of Black racists here as well. And the vast majority of them DENY Reality (with a capital "R") in doing so. Dunno HOW many times i've seen that "Black people, by DEFINITION, can NOT be racists." THis invariably followed by racist remarks. Ah well...

I don't know where to begin with this, A.P. I know I'm not gonna give a full reply, because it's gonna be pretty one-sided, and I want to do it as gently as I can.

But first things first. I wanna PUBLICLY thank M. Espinoza for unblocking me. That was very KIND. And I was blocked for a very brief (but telling) amount of time.

As You may recall, M. Penguin, I always lead with my worst foot first. (Well, FIRST I'm gonna say that I didn't realize You were posing as "I am Jim.") Your reply to M. …

GREAT, per Your usual, Britni. Of course, I was suckered into thinking it was all You. Because, frankly, Your "non-intelligence (me)" is ENTIRELY ARTIFICIAL! (That didn't quite read back write (pun). Meant: You and non-intelligence are mutually exclusive.)

Anyhoo, dunno which are Your questions and which are the computers. Here goes nuthin':

There is a lousy theory by Sam Altman, who is CEO of OpenAI that has developed GPT-3, a hunk of AGI (Artificial General Intelligence). Pretty sure it was them that published a piece written by GPT-3 on why computers are no threat to humanity. Something like that. No…

I use “M.” like the French do, for Monsieur but ALSO for Mesdames and Mademoiselle EQUALLY. (That’s just me. ;) = 😉 ALL CAPS are ITALICS.

Hi M. Espinoza,

TY (thank You) for highlighting an error I made, I think it was in a comment On one-a Argumentative Penguins essays.

It was HORRIDLY AWFUL for me to say You "weren't worth the time of day." Nothing to do but admit. I'll offer the feeble excuse that it's only the third time I've made a personal attack like that, and one-a them was FULLY justified. …

TY (thank You). TYTY for this article. I really enjoyed the common-sense views.

But I would say You didn't quite go far enough. My recollection, which could be wrong, was that Roy F. Baumeister found that the kids with supreme self-confidence in the 90s actually got WORSE scores than their predecessors.

And I don't think it's a case of over-inflated sense of self MIGHT lead to narcissism. I think there's a HUGE chunk of the Millennials and Gen-Zers who turned out to BE narcissists. And that's why they dis the Boomers and Gen-Xers as being, essentially, worthless. Because (to themselves) they ALREADY know all there is to KNOW.

ICBW, of course.

I REALLY with this was true, but it's not. Anybody who thinks CRT is useful is not aware enough. SURE, the curriculum needs to be broadened. But if You wanna avoid "throwing the baby out with the bath water," then You wouldn't have anything to DO with CRT.

Instead of wanting our great country to be the best it can be, CRTers want to DEFINE the country as one-a the worst that's ever BEEN. And INDOCTRINATE students, by FORCING this view down the students throats. I wouldn't have as much of a problem with CRT, if they allowed viewing history…

I expected a great essay, Steve QJ, and You sure DELIVERED. I can't remember if I "said" this before, but if I didn't it was an oversight. If I DID, then it doesn't hurt to repeat the obvious.

"You're a diamond amongst coal."

As I was thinking about typing that in, I thought that it'd surprise me if some STUPID, supremely IGNORANT person would think that a bit racist. Being as I'm white, 66, and a smoker. FACT is, it's just a saying I've used with a half-dozen people, spread throughout the world, and TWICE with Mehmet. Can only hope…

Funny. I was looking in responses, to look up old post, and found the below sitting there. Still doing some research in a POSSIBLE reply to M. Espinosa.


Interesting, M. Argumentative. Surely Your BEST writing, Your most CREATIVE writing is influenced by the emotions? I've lately come to think that PURE intuitions (thinkin' THE force behind creativity, but mebbe not)… Well, I'm of the OPINION that they're near-perfect balance between emotions and logic. ICBW.

I read Meditations about a year ago and remembered not a word. I just knew I agree with EVERY one-a them. …

I could use the excuse that I'm REALLY gullible and don't know Your style very well, M. Penguin. But the fact is that there are ALWAYS the samenesses and differences between any writer and reader. So I took it, pretty much, at face value. I identified with it, approvingly, as I'll show below. I was sorry the supposed-author-You would feel the need to block people. Blocking people seems pretty weak, to me.

But, first, "a little about me that nobody'd prolly be interested in." I grew UP in a VERY matriarchal family. Guess I'll spare the details after all, other…

I use “M.” like the French do, for Monsieur but ALSO for Mesdames and Mademoiselle EQUALLY. (That’s just me. ;) = 😉 ALL CAPS are ITALICS. :) = 😊

I'm 66, white, and found this in my Daily Digest. I almost NEVER read anything outta it. I'm glad I did. TY (thank You). TYTY, M. Michaels. I find Your original attitude EXTRAORDINARILY refreshing. Sorry to see You can't think/feel the need to persevere in upholding that attitude.

THAT is THE definition of patriotism. You're write (pun) about the right-wing patriots. They hold political power but no understanding. …


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